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Here's what to expect in an It's So Interesting interview:

Find out what the guest does and why the guest does what he/she does. Develop and drill down to details based on statements made by the guest. Always clarify jargon. Ask what experience(s) led to the career. Discuss specifics of a project, issue, or subject and if there is time, to relate stories. Ask what experiences were necessary to be successful.

We do not want to hype or promote specific events. Each show will be valid for years. No one likes to listen to an "old" show. Don't mention dates or even specific years in the future. Avoid fixing the date or year of show, but past major events can be referred to, such a "9/11" or "2012 elections" that make sense to someone listening ten years from now.

Remember, our audience is very intelligent and eclectic in its tastes and curious about things not previously discussed in detail. Our audience thrives on learning something new in any activity.

Our arch-enemy is the "sound-bite," which to us is equivalent to empty calories.

Lastly, do not make personal attacks or criticism about any individual or group. Focus on ideas and actions only, which may be questioned along with the logic as to why.

And, most important, even if it is a very serious subject, have fun! You've devoted your whole life--yourself--to it.